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    Welcome to Winter Accountancy Company – Contact us today to set up your free tax planning appointment!

  • Who We Are

    We are a firm dedicated to establishing lifelong relationships enabling you to succeed financially and navigate the challenges of the tax and regulatory environment. We are staffed by professionals who take pride in their work and have helped countless businesses, individuals and families on the road toward long-term success.

  • What We Do

    The core of our practice is tax planning and compliance – for businesses, individuals, families, trusts and estates. Our approach allows for our expertise to translate into focused solutions that require a wealth of knowledge to execute.

Audit Representation

Tax Audit Help: IRS Audit Defense, Assistance & Representation Tax audits can be stressful and complicated, we have helped hundreds of taxpayers work their way through IRS and State tax audits. We can help assist you in providing the audit representation or assistance that you may require.

Tax Planning & Preparation

When it comes to tax planning and preparation, for corporate or individual tax services you need an advisor you can trust. With a proactive and strategic approach, we give you the tools to support your overall financial objectives, while creating new ways to minimize your tax liability.

Fiduciary & Accounting

Fiduciary tax and accounting is the foundation of our business, and we want you to be as confident in our abilities as you are in your own people. Winter Accountancy Company Trust & Estate Administration can handle all of your fiduciary and court accounting needs.